Mark Hartell’s FKT on the Backbone Trail

Mark near the start of his FKT attempt, blissfully unaware of what’s ahead.

A little pu’ pu’ for those of you thinking about attending the whole luau, Mark Hartell gives his account of setting the FKT for the Backbone Trail in March, 2012 here.

Per Mark: “Heat seems to be a significant factor in accounts and it’s pretty much impossible to do the thing unsupported because there is little or no water for most of the route.”

The way we see it, you can either do this thing the hard, lonely, parched way on your own, or the fully-hydrated, official Coyote Cohorts way with us. Just sayin’.

For details of previous FKTs, click here.

1 thought on “Mark Hartell’s FKT on the Backbone Trail

  1. dirtyshooze

    Sue Johnston has the Women’s FKT of 16:42 from 12/10/2006, done as just a push on the trail with Howard Cohen with the Buffoon in support mode


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