As you prepare to throw away your money for this frivolity, keep these 3 points in mind:

  1. The Backbone Trail is not a cake walk. For the 68 miler we require the recent completion of at least one, and hopefully many more, similar running events of 50 miles or longer to give us reasonable confidence you can make it to the finish without our having to call Search & Rescue (we’ll research the Ultra Signup records to check your history, so no need to send us separate documentation of your accomplishments.)   For the 100 miler we require completion of one of these 100 mile qualifiers.  Our concern for a well-executed event – and yes, your safe return to the real world – trumps your singular view of your running capability. Because your entry is contingent on our better judgment, you won’t have to actually cough up money, i.e. your credit card will not be charged, until you’re officially accepted into the event.
  2. If the price tag for the core event* makes you flinch slightly, recognize that we must appease, and pay, many local jurisdictions before you even show up to play.  Unlike other events in more rural settings which owe but one entity for the use of their trails, we have roughly a handful, each of which get their cut and have their own, often spendy, requirements. So, the cost of infrastructure must be accounted for, and guess who gets to foot the bill?  That being said, this is one pretty darn spectacular trail, and no doubt you’ll get your money’s worth and then some.
  3. Fun Run or Competitive Run?  There is a question during sign-up that some people have been asking about.  So here’s the deal:
    This event has always been a fun run and we gave the runners the opportunity to improve their finish time (SUBTRACT minutes) by showing a positive attitude, being thankful to the volunteers and entertaining the other runners and aid station crew. We call these Bonus Minutes. For instance, some people dressed up in costume and got Bonus minutes, some people performed a Rap and got Bonus minutes, some people bought the RD a beer… or two,,, at the prerace dinner or bowling event. On the other hand runners had time ADDED to their finish time because they were disrespectful to others, asked questions that they could have answered themselves by actually reading the web site, did not follow the rules or had complaints without merit. These boneheads had time added to their finish time…aka Boner Minutes.
    IF you are a competitive runner, the RD will not mess with your time but expect that you will be in the minority since everyone around you will be chilling and having a more relaxed time.. I guess it depends on how your approach your events.
  4. Once you sign up (again, via Ultra Signup) and receive our seal of approval, evidence of which will be in the form of a charge to your credit card and your name in lights in the Entrants section of U/S, you have until January 15th to change your mind and receive a refund, less a $25 processing fee and the Ultrasignup service fee.  After that, your entry fee will serve as a generous donation to those still in the game. Oh, and no bib transfers, sorry.

Ready to play? Register here on Ultra Signup

P.S.: Yes, you’ll have to sign a waiver. It will appear on the website later for you to peruse, and you’ll need to physically sign and hand over the form prior to toeing the start line. No signature, no run. Simple, huh?

*Pre-race extracurriculars will be priced a la carte, and can be purchased later on Ultra Sign-up… stay tuned for that.. the event registration closure will be updated once we pick a date.