Aid Stations and Crew Access

Disaster preparedness vehicle.

There are eight aid stations along the Backbone Trail Ultra course (and three additional for the 100 miler) that will be generously supplied with enough vittles to keep you moving along the course and avoid the “hangry” (hungry + angry) state of mind.  Standard ultra fare – bananas, PBJ, boiled potatoes with salt, chips, pretzels, nuts, something sweet, jelly beans, Peeps, Saltstick electrolytes and a variety of beverages – will be supplemented in later miles by somewhat less conventional hot fixins dished out by our creative aid station cap’ns.

Words of wisdom: while the distances between aid may not seem staggering on paper (or a web page), these are some long hard miles. Be sure to set out from each aid station with more than enough calories, electrolytes and liquids than you think you will need to see you to the next oasis.

While crews and are not allowed out on the course itself, we have designated aid stations (see table below) that are accessible to those who wish to encourage you at various points along the way. Please tie any such support persons to ropes long enough to keep them within the general aid station area so they don’t risk your participant status by wandering beyond the aid station proper.


Lots of questions about drop bags. Here are the answers:

  1. They’re allowed – bring them with you to the registration/finish area (or, if you have your own transport to the start, bring them with you) and place them in the appropriate bins.
  2. We’ll have them waiting for you at Piuma Trailhead (mile 25.1) and Mishe Mokwa (mile 52). Used drop bags from Piuma will be transported to the finish; Mishe Mokwa drop bags are for consumables only and leftovers will be donated to deserving cast members.
  3. ONLY THE 100 mile runners will be able to have a drop bag at Danielson Ranch (mile 60.6). This will surely help them survive the 3 loops in Pt  Mugu State Park.

Event headquarters are at the La Jolla Canyon group campground in Point Mugu State Park near the Ray Miller trailhead, and staff there are your best resource for updates on runner status and location. That being said, they will be heavily immersed in keeping tabs on the team, so please be respectful of their workload. They are there for the long haul, so be sure to lavish them with tokens of your gratitude.  If you DROP/DNF/Give Up/etc…  we cannot guarantee that you will get your drop by before you want to depart!  We will collect leftover drop bags at the finish on Sunday 4/7 at ~2:30pm and will announce an option for your to pay for the return of your valuables after the event.  Otherwise they will be considered donations for the events friends!

Driving Directions between Aid Stations

Santa Mountains National Recreation Annotated Map