Players and Results

Entrants with official permission to play will be listed below in alphabetical order by first (nick)name. Complaints about your assigned nickname can be submitted using the Contact form. If you are lucky, we may muster up enough concern to make a change, but as they say, be careful what you wish for.

——confirmed entrants will appear here———-

Results? Perhaps, jist fer grinz, we’ll make projections and present same to provoke discussion. We gets our entertainment where we can find it. Of course, post-run, we’ll throw up on this page (whereas you might have done that on the trail) how y’all fared on the Backbone. If you’re intent on thumping your chest about how much zippier you are than others, perhaps a slight error in numbers presentation will dampen the decibel level of your thumping. As if your being miffed about us means much. Our advice: come prepared to enjoy the Backbone Trail, and check your egos at the trailhead.  HOWEVER if you are compelled to be competitive then state your intentions upon registration and have at it.  We won’t mess with your time, just mess with your head, so go and knock yourself out.