Cancelled Due to Woolsey Cyn Fire Impact

April 6-7, 2019

Backbone Trail Ultra Fans


Friends, In addition to destroying many homes and displacing thousands of people, the Woolsey Wildfire has caused significant damage to large sections of the Backbone Trail and surrounding areas.  Given the extent of the impact, we must cancel the Backbone Trail Ultra for 2019.  We wish the best of luck and safety to everyone who has been impacted by these terrible fires.   The Park Service now has many months of evaluation, impact analysis, repair and maintenance of trails, hillsides and facilities.  We will post Trail and Replanting Workdays on our Facebook page where you can help bring these beautiful mountains back to life.

Looking at the map below you can see the impact of this fire, cutting across the midsection of the event.  The fire is still expanding as of 11/11/2018 Sunday.

More information on the fire expansion can be found at:



This event is a point-to-point  traverse of  Southern California’s Santa Monica Mountains from  Will Rogers State Park to the Ray Miller Trail. Be among the lucky few to rock the ridgeline for 68 miles of superb single track, knee-knackering climbs and descents, and above all the true camaraderie of fellow happy wanderers.  We are keeping the 100 miler, we have some great climbs and serene valleys for your enjoyment.  For the 100 miler we require completion of one of these 100 mile qualifiers.

The fun is served up with the legendary, uniquely goofy hospitality: equitably distributed abuse, randomly distributed swag, normal and paranormal aid station fare, slightly touched but highly eager volunteers, and spiffy trail running apparel from sponsor Patagonia.

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Important note: Do not let our tone of slight frivolity fool you – this is not an Coyote Farm Animalsevent for beginning trail runners. Please visit our registration page for details on who can play.  For the 100 miler we require completion of one of these 100 mile qualifiers.

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