Game Results, Coyote-Style


How much fun was that??? As you tend to the agony of da’ feet, you can also now peruse the official results (perhaps an oxy-moroon at a Coyote event) on our website here.

No doubt they may make the rookies amongst you take pause, especially those who failed to fully wrap their minds around the concept of bonus and boner minutes. Gosh, your clock time doesn’t match what we show?!!?  Dweezleberry McFermentire finished a full hour behind you but his time is an hour faster?  That’s cuz Dweezleberry played by Coyote rules:  entertain those supporting your cause, and they’ll reward you with bonus minutes.  Hence Blisteroon’s almost 7 hour improvement in time because he “rapped” his way to the finish — 5 minutes to entertain, 5 minutes to socialize and replenish himself, and 30 bonus minutes. Capiche?

6 thoughts on “Game Results, Coyote-Style

  1. Kevin Alldredge, aka Pinhead

    Time of 13:16 for Pinhead…I think your watch malfunctioned at some point. Wow you guys were more generous to me than Paul Ryan was to himself. Damn right I’ll be back in 2014!

  2. John Vanderpot

    You people are absolutely nuts!

    When’d you say the next one was?

    I’m in!


    On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 11:11 AM, Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra, Mar 29th –


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