Safety Crews: Somebunny Loves You

There are three types of safety patrols who will be supporting you between aid stations along the Backbone Trail: safety runners, mountain biking units, and mounted volunteer patrols (on horseback). Should they find a player in need of assistance, they will be prepared with water, electrolytes, and basic first aid;  if needed, they will go to the next aid station ahead of the entrant and report the issue. They are spending their Easter weekend ensuring that you are safe and happy, so you might want to show them some serious love, yes?


Trippet Ranch to Piuma (10am –  4pm): Erica Gratton, Skye Colclough, Jeff Sperber

Encinal to Corral Canyon 9.0 miles (5:30pm to 11:30pm): Erik Schulte, Ignasi (Nacho) Mas

Encinal to Mishe Mokwa 11.1 miles (6:00pm to 12:00am): Donovan Jenkins, Tiffany Guerra, Anne-Claire Podlipski

Danielson Ranch to Moshe Mokwa 7.2 miles (early am to 8:00am): Mieko Morita, Erik Priedkalns

Finish Line to Overlook Crossing with Wood Canyon Vista (1:00am to 9:30am): TBD, will be staffed from Finish Line personnel


Topanga and Will Rogers State Park: Chris Nitz, Charles Trotter


Will Rogers State Park to Hub (8:30-12:30): Stacey Best, John Weiler, Paul Kanzawa, James Grasso

Topanga State Park (10:30-2:00): Gary Artis, Jim Henderson, Jose Macias, Bob Opperman

Piuma/Corral Canyon (2:30-6:30): Paul Kanzawa, James Grasso, Brad Souva, Kristain Versaies


Trail sweeps will be the last runners along each section of the trail, and will shut down the event as they go. They will contact the aid station captain when they arrive at the end of their assigned section, and confer with them regarding players that have not checked in. The Aid Station Captain and HAM Operator will then contact HAM Base/NetControl to research the entrant’s status and analyze next steps.

Will Rogers to Stunt Rd:  Jim Tello

Stunt Rd to Corral Canyon: Erin Chavin, Alison Chavez

Corral Canyon to Kanan RD: Chuck Journey, Cat Moore

Kanan Rd to Mishe Mokwa: Jonathan Toker, Jonathan Stewart

Mishe Mokwa to Danielson: Mieko Morita, Erik Priedkalns

Danielson Ranch to Finish: Sachin Sachdeva

4 thoughts on “Safety Crews: Somebunny Loves You

  1. John Vanderpot

    Gretchen, nice to finally meet you, it’s Sandlot Vanderpot, the guy who still owes you five bucks, the one who paid $71.50 to sleep in his car the night before, just a quick note to say nothing but thanks for the weekend, I tend to run a lot of these, and this was, by far, the best experience I’ve had at an event in a long time, from start to finish, and every step along the way, nothing but good things to say about the entire experience, when’d you say the next one was?

    Was practically hallucinating the whole ride home — my idea of fun!


    On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 9:01 AM, Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra, Mar 29th –

  2. Anonymous

    ok. that is seriously the coolest thing ever. escorts on foot, wheel and horse? too cool. runner? or rockstar? or both!


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