FKTs, PRs and the Spirit of the Games

In which the Backbone Buffoon holds forth on results and the proper Backbone mindset….

PR & FKT – it really doesn’t matter which one you go after, as either will only find corroboration from a source other than the official results.  Why?  Boner & Bonus Minutes, applied liberally, will yield the “official” results to be posted on UltraSignup at some point following our recovery from the games.

And if you’re concerned how it may impact your overall Ultra rating, fear not, for this 68 Miler just doesn’t align with the “standard” distances plastered all over the calendar.  Want to improve your standing anyway?  Well, suck up to the Vols and perform other deeds of note to earn valuable Bonus Minutes out on the Backbone.

As it is, all Coyote Vets enter the game with Bonus Minutes; others will earn still more for Thursday bowling; doing the Ray Loop and/or hanging out at The Patio on Friday; hopping a boat for whale watching on Friday; participating in Friday’s dinner; and engaging in other touristy things in the area pre-event.  Get the drift?  It ain’t a race; mentality centered on same guarantees Boner minutes to drop you further in the final ranking.

Let this sink in: those moving methodically to get the biggest bang for their bucks, and moving in camaraderie-rich Coyote packs, will earn Bonus Minutes to counter the Boner Minutes earned by those racing and running solo to the Finish.  Welcome to the Coyote brand of ultrarunning!!

Calvin and Hobbes

6 thoughts on “FKTs, PRs and the Spirit of the Games

  1. Nettie Pardue

    Yahoooooo! Can’t wait. See you all Friday! We will be sending bowling vibes to you all on Thursday night. Strike them out! I am routing for the lioness team.

  2. jeri

    Thanks for the notes, I love the updates and am getting psyched up, wish I could come there earlier, and bowl with the cool kids on Thurs. I have a question about the Ray loop note though for Friday, is there more info on that? I think I’ld like to check that out.

    1. gretchenclairegarnett Post author

      Hi Jeri and Ann (Noneemus), there’s no formality to the Ray Miller loop on Friday, but folks will likely be mosey-ing around on the trails after 9 and/or hanging out at The Patio until about 1:00. Come on out!

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