Bib Numbers and Toy Surprises

Hi y’all,

A list of assigned bib #’s is linked below. Note that this list also serves as confirmation of your start group assignments (these haven’t changed since the last time we sent them out), with bib #’s 1-99 being assigned to start group 1 (6:00 a.m.), #’s 100 – 199 to start group 2 (9:00 a.m.), and 200 – 299 to those in the noon start group.

A reminder: registration opens 2 hours before your respective starting time, and your bus leaves 1 hour before. If’n you’re not on time, you’ll need to make your own way to the ballpark.

Final Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra Player Bib #’s and Start Groups

Oh, and check out the final t-shirt color schemes, da’ boyz colors are on the top row, and da’ girlz on the bottom. Don’t see the color you ordered when ya’ signed up? We suggest adopting a similar attitude to that used when opening the Crackerjack box, you just never know what you’re going to find inside. ‘Course, if you signed up for these shenanigans and you’ve survived all our previous attempts at eliminating any semblance of seriousness, we’re guessing this is pretty much your permanent state of mind by now – right?


1 thought on “Bib Numbers and Toy Surprises

  1. Bud Phillips (aka Geezer)

    #13? I see the Buffoon is alive and well. Good.
    This is gonna be another Coyote Cohort’s kick in the ass fun run!


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