American Idle: Pre-game Show + Prizes


Previous player-turned-mancake maker Luis Escobar displaying we-don’t-know-what

No surprise to Coyote veterans, Friday’s pre-game  dinner (latest details on time, location and directions here) ain’t just dinner; it’s a chance to display that hidden entertainer in you.  For those who need a nudge, we’ll at least give special recognition, Coyote-style (you don’t know what’s in the box til you open it), to those whose on-theme (trail running, this Coyote venue, or something just really special about YOU) limerick or haiku yields more than yawns from the fawning crowd of compatriots.

In other, fewer words: show up prepared with a limerick and/or haiku to be delivered open mic-style for a chance to spin the wheel for prizes. Ciao (or is it chow?) for now.


2 thoughts on “American Idle: Pre-game Show + Prizes

  1. Roch Horton

    The wiley coyote….cannot be tethered.
    It’s teeth ground flat, its coat now weathered,
    it will persist to haunt
    those willing to jaunt
    again…. the Cohorts together.

    submitted by Icky Ocky

  2. Anonymous

    that’s the Big Clucker “winning” that day’s Testosterone Award (a tiny bull hung from a booze bottle) for blowing off his friends to cross the Finish first. With his daughter viewing scene, lucky for him he didn’t get something a bit more… ballsy?


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