Cup-free’s the Way to Be

We joke around a lot but we’re truly committed to leaving no trace of our fun on the Backbone Trail, and to reducing the amount of waste generated by the games. Towards that end, the Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra is happy to be going cupless.

Thanks to Krissy Moehl and UltrAspire, who provided us with a discounted price (retail is $6.00) and the initial inspiration (see Krissy’s cup-free announcement for her March 16th Chuckanut 50K trail race), we’ll be providing each of you with your own phthalate-, BPA- and PVC-free reusable cup. It folds easily (see pic below) so you can stash it in your pack between aid stations, where we’ll happily fill it – or your own handheld bottle or hydration pack – with your choice of beverages upon arrival. We’ll still have cups for hot soup, but other than that a cup request will likely result in the application of boner minutes to your official finish time.

As an example of the waste that is generated when using disposable cups, at a recent trail race a runner came upon the row of pre-filled cups of soda, electrolyte fluid, and water, and in a span of 30 seconds used four cups and moved on without a word. Over the course of a 68-mile romp such as ours, that can translate to over 4,000 cups being added to landfills. Multiply that by all of the road and trail events across the country and you begin to see the positive difference you can make by avoiding disposable cups, so we thank you in advance for taking one for the team.

More eco-friendliness: we will be recycling all of our plastic and cans at the event and collecting them in GREEN trash bags at the aid stations. PLEASE use these only for recyclable items!

Usage tip: we did a quick field test and found that if you slide your pinky finger under the bottom it stabilizes the contents. Just sayin’.

Ultraspire Cup_Folded and In Use

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