Training Run and New Trainees

A reminder that the 2nd of 4 Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra training runs is this Saturday, February 9th at 7am. All training runs are free and open to everyone, official players or otherwise. They are self-supported and you participate at your own risk. These trails are tough and the weather fickle – bring more layers, fluids, electrolytes and calories than you think you will need, a strategy that will also serve entrants well on race day. Please be sure to RSVP either on Facebook using the  link provided below, or directly to H’ard Cohen via e-mail: howard(at)gravityh(dot)com

Distance: 16.6 miles
Course: Kanan Rd to Encinal Cyn Rd (2.5 mi) to Misha Mokwa (13.6 mi), with an optional out-and-back to the top of Sandstone Peak ( + 3 mi for 16.6 mi total)
Meet: Mishe Mokwa, then shuttle to Kanan Rd (map)
RSVP here

Highlights: This section has some nice rolling hills, all runnable if you are on fresh legs, but possibly not so much on event day. Route finding on this section, or rather, route searching-but-not-finding, has led to serious bonus mileage for would-be through runners, so mind the trail junctions. Fabulous ocean and channel island views before descending to Misha Mokwa. We will do an out-and-back up Sandstone Peak, another climb that’s easy when fresh but less so 52 miles in on race day.

And, welcome, welcome to the latest arrivals to training camp: NightLight Hewey, PinHead Alldredge, Hawknees Hambly, and PalmFrog Holmes. We’re so glad to have you. A full list of players to date can be found here.

Go ahead, make our day.

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