Drop Bags and Bobcats

Hi people. Lots of questions about drop bags. Here are the answers:

  1. They’re allowed – bring them with you to the registration/finish area (or, if you have your own transport to the start, bring them with you) and place them in the appropriate bins
  2. We’ll have them waiting for you at Piuma Trailhead (mile 25.1) and Mishe Mokwa (mile 52). Used drop bags from Piuma will be transported to the finish; Mishe Mokwa drop bags are for consumables only and leftovers will be donated to deserving cast members.
  3. The first drop bag location is earlier in the race than we posted in our last Aid Station table (new one is here) to ensure daytime access to lights and layers.

No questions about bobcats (yet), but here is a short article from L.A. Now about a recent milestone for Santa Monica Mountain bobcats, the first in a (short and likely haphazard) series from us highlighting some of the species with whom you’ll be sharing the Backbone Trail.

Bobcat_LA Now

Courtesy L.A. Times blog L.A. Now

Go ahead, make our day.

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