Drop Dead(line) – February 1st

Hello Backboners!

Please note that there is a February 1st deadline to act on your deepest fears and cancel your 2013 Coyote Backbone Trail entry. Those backing out on or before that date will a full refund of their participation donation, minus a $25 processing fee. Entry fees for those signing up to play, or bowing outta’ the game, after February 1st will be considered a generous contribution to the hijinks of the remaining pranksters. They thank you in advance.

And don’t forget about the free-and-open-to-all training runs. Details on those can be found here. Please be sure to RSVP as indicated.

Awwwhoooo! See you on the Backbone!


4 thoughts on “Drop Dead(line) – February 1st

  1. Gary

    I need to withdraw from The Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra. Please confirm receipt of this email. Thanks

    Gary Richwine


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