Playground’s Full!

With the latest round of entrants (newbies noted below, full list here), we’ve reached our limit for the inaugural Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra. For those of you who pushed aside your grave concerns about your (and our) mental health and signed up early, we send our thanks and condolences. For those of you who procrastinated, we will have a wait list. And also a beer waiting for you at the aid station at which we’d love you to help out at if’n you don’t get in. Happy New Years, people, can’t wait to do the Backbone with you!

24HOR_deb clem

Jerry and Chris welcome a new year on the Backbone Trail
(photo: Deb Clem)

Welcome to Wildman Floyd (UT), Rosebud Homelvig (CO), Shtinkie Bon (CA), Einschtein Frenzel (CA), Whee Weston (CA), Pantetto Quesada (CA), Hambone Overstreet (CA), BeeBop Benna (NV), Muffler Hone (CA), Langusto Fish (CA), Oro Sherman (CA), Senator Thompson (TX), Ectosplat Meskell (CA).

Go ahead, make our day.

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