Race Morning & Bib #’s

The Backbone Trail Ultra is a point-to-point event. Bus transportation will be provided from the finish area at the Ray Miller trailhead in Pt. Mugu State park to the start at Will Rogers State Park.

Registration opens at 4am at La Jolla Group Campground and 5:30am at Will Rogers State Park for those who selected that as your registration point!  The La Jolla Group Campground bus leaves 1 hour 30 minutes before the start, so that is 4:30am!  If’n you’re not on time, you’ll need to make your own way to the Will Rogers House….

The games begin with a one mass start.

We do NOT recommend leaving any vehicles at Will Rogers State Park, we only recommend folks being dropped off there on race morning if you have notified us in ADVANCE!   You will not have much time before the start, so be organized and have someone to take your stuff to the car!

2 thoughts on “Race Morning & Bib #’s

  1. Lynn Longan

    I’m guessing I’m going to be wearing the Buffon hat and/or get some major boner points with this reply, and you know what… I’m comfortable with that.
    So maybe you were right putting me with the 9am start. Maybe you have more faith in me then I do with myself. Or maybe, well whatever.
    Seriously, I’m not sure if I should do the 6am or the 9am. I’m wondering this partly because of the times that the aid stations are opening. Particularly the one at Mishe Mokwa.
    I’m leaving this in your faithful little hands.


    1. 7seastrees

      Sprinkles Longan! Is that you? This is Jabberwalkie Pola! If we have to, we can always find a tall rock and sun bathe. And maybe get negative boner points for working on our pasty Pacific NW non-tans;-) I have confidence the Buffoon will take good care of us! Long live SPRINKLES Longan!

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