Not just frosting on the cupcake, these activities and extras are what separate Coyote events from the animals. After approval to play in the big show, you’ll have a chance to return to UltraSignup.com,  where you can commit to and pay for them a la carte. Note that your registration fee includes one custom Patagonia technical shirt; you have to pay for the extra ones you’ll want to give to those crazy enough to support you in this outing.

Past Events

Thursday Night Dinner-n-Bowling

Location: TBD, likely Buena Lanes, Ventura, CA (directions here)
Time: TBD, likely 6:30pm again…

It seems we can’t offer a Coyote event unless we give crazy people a chance to prove that running and bowling have nothing in common. For those willing to make a weekend of the Backbone experience, we’ll bowl on Thursday evening, with food included to sustain your anxiety on the lanes. If you don’t initiate the conversation regarding with whom you’d like to team, H’ard will pair you with someone bound to overshadow your own bowling inadequacies.

Friday Night, Dinner and Participant Roast

Location: TBD, could be BJ’s Restaurant and Brew House, Oxnard, CA (directions here)
Time: TBD, likely 5:00pm again…

It seems we can’t offer a Coyote event unless we give crazy people a chance to prove that running and pre-event beer drinking DO have a certain affinity. Of course, we’ll do more than just eat and drink; we’ll have some general comments about the entrant community, and a take a few highly personal jabs at certain individuals. We’ll also throw down some pre-run instructions, which we know will be totally forgotten by Saturday morning, but we will force you to endure them anyway because we can.


Your prime schwag will be the above-mentioned custom Patagonia trail running shirt, with likely a few options on color and definitely options on size. We might also throw other random and mostly useless items of our choosing your way, but don’t get your hopes up.


We find odd pleasure in giving out oddities for odd performances. Depending on your own experience and how we observe it, you might receive special and hopefully embarrassing recognition before you watch La Jolla Canyon disappear in your rear view mirror on Sunday.